Seniors - Register Online HERE

Our Senior Teams are made up of men and women of all ages. We have one Womens team who play on Turf and two Mens teams with one playing on Turf and the other playing on Grass.

Please Note:

Even if you are a returning club member you need to create a new account when registering using the revSport platform as this year is the first time we are using this new platform. DO NOT click renew as it will not work since you have no account with this new organisation.

When registering some fields may not be applicable, eg:Parent/Guardian details. Just use N/A as required.

Hockey Australia requires ALL PLAYERS to register through the revSport Platform for 2020.

ALL PLAYERS (except HookedOnHockey PP to age 8) will be required to pay the Hockey Australia National Player Levy and Player Insurance ($43 for seniors) when registering via the revSport Platform.

In addition ALL PLAYERS will also be required to pay a DEPOSIT towards their registration fees through the revSport Platform.

Your online registration cannot be finalised until these amounts are paid.

Senior players who have a current Student or Healthcare Card receive a reduction of $100 off their fees. Please email a copy of your Student or Healthcare Card to to obtain your discount code if you are paying your full fees when registering online.

If you choose to pay a deposit only, our treasurer will invoice you for the balance in due course.

Registration Fees 2020

NOTE: This year, Dale Hockey Club is implementing a Bring-a-Friend Discount! If you bring a friend in to play for the club for 6 or more games – you receive a $40 discount on your fees!


An additional weekly game fee will be charged to each player which will be used to pay for the ground use (Turf Games) and to pay our umpire. Please speak to your Coach or Team Manager for more information.

Fundraising events are only successful when club members volunteer to help.

Each year we struggle to get our members to volunteer for fundraising events.

It is often left to the same group of people to run these events. Therefore in order to make things fairer for all our members we have introduced a volunteer roster where each member will be required to donate 1 hour of their time to help at one of the major fundraising events during the year. These events include but are not restricted to:

· Kelmscott Show

· Bunnings Sausage Sizzle


1. Players who pay their Registration fees in full before the specified early bird deadline will be eligible for a “Club Card”.

2. Funds may be used at any Home Games, Club Events or Thursday Meals to purchase any canteen items.

3. The Bar Manager will keep a record of Club Card purchases once the Senior Treasurer has advised who has made payments.

4. One Early Bird bonus per player per season.

5. Club Cards can not be transferred to another person.

6. The Early Bird Deadline for the 2020 season will be 16th July 2020 (the date before the fourth round).

Please contact our Treasurer for how to make cash payments. Alternatively payments are accepted by Direct Deposit into our bank account.


Account No: 132346743