HookedOnHockey Registration

In addition to registering through the above link, HookedOnHockey participants should also complete the form located here, so your registration pack can be ordered.


Our HookedOnHockey program gives young boys and girls aged Pre-primary to Year 4 (9yrs and younger) the opportunity to learn the basic skills of hockey, develop fundamental motor skills and make friends all while beginning their lifelong love of hockey!. Any children over the age of 9 cannot apply for HookedOnHockey and must register as a Dale Junior using the information below.

Please ask for more information if your child may be interested in this option.

Register Online HERE (J5/6 - J11/12)

Our Junior Teams are made up of boys and girls aged Year 5 – Year 12.

Kidsport "Apply Online Here"

KidSport enables eligible Western Australian children aged 5 to 18 years to participate in community sport by offering them financial assistance of up to $150 per calendar year towards club fees.


1. Apply for Kidsport funding as soon as possible.

2. Wait until you receive your “UNIQUE CODE” from your local government department.

3. Once you have received your unique code complete the registration process via the Game Day Portal using the Register Online Button above.

4. You will be required to pay the HA Junior Player Levy ($31.50) during this registration process. If you are not eligible for the full $150 of Kidsport funding you will be invoiced for the difference in due course.

NOTE: The HA Junior Player Levy is only payable for Juniors who will be aged 9-18 years in 2020.

Please Note:

Even if you are a returning club member you need to create a new account when registering using the revSport platform as this year is the first time we are using this new platform. DO NOT click renew as it will not work since you have no account with this new organisation.

Hockey Australia requires ALL PLAYERS to register through the revSport Platform from 2019.

ALL PLAYERS (except HookedOnHockey PP to age 8) will be required to pay the Hockey Australia National Player Levy and Player Insurance ($30 juniors) when registering via the revSport Platform.

In addition ALL PLAYERS will also be required to pay a DEPOSIT towards their registration fees upon registering online. This can be deposited into our bank account or via cash payable to our treasurer.

If you wish to pay your fees in full you may do so via Direct Deposit into the clubs bank account or via cash payable to our treasurer.

If you choose to pay a deposit only, our treasurer will invoice you for the balance in due course.

For instructions on how to register if you are using Kidsport funding see above

Registration Fees 2020

NOTE: This year, Dale Hockey Club is implementing a Bring-a-Friend Discount! If you bring a friend in to play for the club for 6 or more games – you receive a $20 discount on your fees – and this applies on top of your sibling discount as well!

If you played for us last year you may have noticed that our junior fees are actually lower this year. This is because we received a generous grant for junior development this year that we have used to subsidize your fees equal to the Hockey Australia Levy

** Please speak to our Junior Coordinator if you would like more information about the above mentioned Junior 5/6 Option 1.

# HookedOnHockey 2020 includes a FREE GIFT including stick (choice of stick colour & size), Shin Guards and hockey ball. Families have the option to purchase a stick bag or a backpack for an extra $15. Use link at top of this page to submit your stick pack selections.

An additional weekly game fee may be payable for any games that are fixtured to be played on Turf. Please ask your Coach, Team Manager or our Junior Coordinator for more information.

Fundraising events are only successful when club members volunteer to help.

Each year we struggle to get our members to volunteer for fundraising events.

It is often left to the same group of people to run these events. Therefore in order to make things fairer for all our members we have introduced a volunteer roster where each member will be required to donate 1 hour of their time to help at one of the major fundraising events during the year. These events include but are not restricted to:

· Kelmscott Show

· Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

Once you have completed the hour of volunteering, you simply need to let us know so it can be confirmed, then $25 will be credited to your invoice.

Please contact our Assistant Treasurer for how to make cash payments. Alternatively payments are accepted by Direct Deposit into our bank account.


Account No: 132346743